Free IQ test Online: Parts of an IQ Test

Taking an IQ test online is just definitely the same with the ones you take on a sheet of paper. The difference is, you are taking it online.

Let’s talk more about IQ. Basically your Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a measurement of your individual intelligence capacity. Intelligence is a bit tricky topic, people will high IQ are at times considered intelligent and while those who are low IQ are considered as dumb. But that is not definitely the right way to judge a person’s IQ.

People who got low IQ just means that they have to be rounded and more focused on their work, and even to the society. They can definitely just take a test again. Free IQ test are now online, one can definitely just take it right at the comfort of their homes to determine their IQ.

Parts of an IQ Tests

Parts of an IQ Tests

Online IQ tests are divided into differents to thoroughly determine the strong and weak areas of a person. These are:

  • Verbal Intelligence
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Spatial Reasoning Skills
  • Visual/Perceptual Skills
  • Classification Skills
  • Logical Reasoning Skills
  • Pattern Recognition Skills
  1. Verbal Intelligence

IQ tests determines your ability in verbal abilities that includes reading, writing, and communicating using appropriate words and grammar.

  1. Mathematical Ability

Your ability count numbers, calculate and solve mathematical problems will represents your ability in mathematics.

  1. Spatial reasoning skills

Spatial abilities are your perception and cognitive aptitudes. It is the way you perceptualize and visualized objects in space. These basically asses your ability to comprehend 3D objects through rotating and tossing them.

  1. Visual or Perceptual Skills

Same with spatial skills, this skills basically includes the visual intelligence to process visual materials from informations. People with high IQ in this skills will find it easier to comprehend information and communicate it to others.

  1. Logical Reasoning

Your logical thinking skills is the ability to extract deductions from information given. Strong logical thinking helps you in lateral thinking puzzle. First, you definitely have to possess a simple understanding on cause effect relationship.

  1. Classification Skills

This basically measures your ability to group items based on criterias. This will examines whether you have a good conceptual understanding of the relationship between those items. It will also enable you to pull pieces together and make sense out from that whole picture.

  1. Pattern Recognition Skills

This type of intelligence is considered as the highest correlation skills with the general intelligence factor. This skills is the ability to see order in such chaotic environment. It is basically how you make ideas, interpret situations, see images, symbols, word and other things.

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