Getting your celebrity autographed ensembles

How would you feel if you happen to receive a ball with a beautiful message by Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or any of your favourite sportsperson? It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it? You, as a fan may have always dreamt of getting their autographs and meeting them in person. How do you think it will be, to flaunt the autograph of your favourite sportsperson on your office shelf? Check out  to grab your memorabilia now!

Celebrity autographs on sports items have always been of great value. These items when auctioned yield a lot of money to the companies. The autographed item becomes even more special when signed on special occasions of victory.

autograph of your favourite sportsperson

Nowadays inscriptions have gained more popularity than simple autographs. The value of the object increases with each word that the person writes on it, along with his name. A short message, special dates, abbreviations etc. added to the item can do wonders and make it priceless.

These autographs and inscriptions we find on objectsare not free of cost. The sportsmen charge a fix amount for the number of words they write. Every sportsperson has a specific way of writing on the objects. Some of them may write beautiful messages, while some may prefer to put their signatures only .A few of them prefer writing the abbreviations as and whenever they can.

The cost of every inscription is different which you can easily observe when you visit an autograph show.

There are basically 3 types of inscriptions which can be observed-


A personalized item is always special to anyone, but, it becomes priceless when given to you by your favourite sportsperson. Talking from a seller’s point of view, this type of inscription does not add any value to the collectible. No one would want to buy a personalized item having your name on it. So, if you wish to sell it in the future, you won’t be able to make money out of it.


This type of inscription is the most popular type of inscription as it mentions special occasions and dates. The inscription adds a lot of value to the object and when sold, you can earn a lot from it. You can flaunt it wherever you want.


This is also a very famous type and adds to the value of the item. The phrases and motto are one of a kind. People recognize their players with it. This make it special to them and since it does not contain your name selling it also will yield you a good amount.

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