How to inculcate mudita in daily life?

Mudita is all about having sympathetic joy for others. The other person might be a stranger, an enemy or a person whom with you are just neutral in behavior. If you can find joy in other person’s happiness then your heart is able to practice the meditation known as mudita. This meditation form of Buddhist origin helps to cultivate the qualities of heart and free your soul from envy, greed and other such impurities. But mudita is much more than meditation. You need not restrict yourself to practicing Mudita just a few minutes a day, but you can make it a part of your lifestyle too.

Mudita in daily life:

Sympathetic joy can easily become a part of your daily lifestyle and character if you make it your habit. This will lead to a positive change in your life and behavior to a great extent. In order to practice mudita in your daily life, you must have the quality of mindfulness in you. It is all about making an effort to approach happiness in altogether different manner.

In order to practice MUDITA in your daily life, you must remain alert and mindful of joy around you. Like if you find someone smiling at you then you must smile back and appreciate that joy around you. Sympathetic joy need not arise from a person whom you know or like or admire. If you admire other people’s joy, then you train your heart and mind to rest in appreciation.

Besides appreciating other people’s joy, it is important to take time out of your busy life and appreciate your own joy personally. This is also an effective manner to practice mudita. Do things that make you happy and cherish your achievements. This will help to uplift your mood and bring joy to you and then you can bring joy in other people’s life too. When you experience the joy you must pause and pay attention to the mental and physical experience. This way you will train your mind to give more importance to the moments of joy.  Practicing this often will amplify the joy in your life.

But mudita is a slow practice and so you should begin with small sessions of mudita where you will be practicing sympathetic joy intentionally and over the time it will become your way of life. It is a wonderful way to spread joy and happiness.