Keeping The Wall And Floor Free Of Dust And Stains

It may sound easy, but keeping the house clean of dust and stains is very tough job and you can’t employ the cleaning agency if you have tight budget with which you will want to pull all things together within that budget. In this scenario, the duty of you to ensure the house is kept neat and clean. The job will become double difficult if the house is not a new one and have seen some summers. Lots of things may spoil the look. It is not necessarily caused by any particular action. One good example is that you may repaint the home, during the process your floor may get spoiled with the paint stains which falls from walls while painting is done. You will be happy to have some cleaning tips.

Tips and tricks to remove the paint stain from the floor

One of the ways to remove the paint from the flooring is to use of paint thinner or chemical sprits to remove the paint. But the problem with this method is the smell released by the chemical will be caustic also it may remove the flooring color also. It must be the last method to use. Usually paint takes long time to dry, so if you spot it immediately, you can use the drop cloth and wipe them up easily.

clean vinyl siding

Some of the items you may need while removing the stain will be vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, dish soap and some drop cloths. First mix vinegar, water and rubbing alcohol in equal proportions and add few drops dish shop. Pour the small amount of mix to the place where the paint stain is found and gently rub with the drop cloth till the paint is completely removed. One more method you can read here is use of nail polish remover and cotton ball. The process is simple, pour the nail polish remover in the paint stain and wait for few seconds. Then use the cotton ball to dab the stain. You can easily lift the paint stain off the floor.

You may find removing the paint stains very easy. But these steps work out only if you spot them early and not dried for days. Better way is to prevent before the problem occurs. Fill the floor with drop clothes and waste clothes before you start painting and the problem of removing the stain won’t arise at all.