Know your Tote Bag Type

A tote bag is spacious and simple bag that comes with sturdy handles on opposite sides of the bag. The features of tote bags make its more durable and reusable and for all events. Other than seen as a fashion accessory, tote bags are ideal for everyday usage, shopping, giveaways, and many more and these uses depends on its size and shape . These bags are used regardless of any occasion and mostly utilized by women. There are variouspatterns and designs of tote bags, that are selected according to their requirements and lifestyle.Tote bags can be classified considering variety of components such as material, shape, size, event, purpose of use, and sky is the limit. A variety of sturdy fabrics are used to make tote bags made and high quality leather makes a statement in fashion field among them. A wide varieties of designs in tote bags are available in market ranging from plain tote bags to embroidered tote bags to canvas tote bags to prints on cotton bags, called as katoenen tas bedrukken designed bags to customized tote bags.

Leather tote bags

Types of Tote Bags

There are many types of tote bags, but most common types are; Leather tote bags, canvas tote bags, jute tote bags, cotton tote bags, beach tote bags. Leather tote bags are designed for everyday usage and in addition to that it is charming and strong. Apart from these features, by the use of leathers in this type makes it easy to maintain. Canvas tote bagsare widely known forits usefulness and strength and for its various patterns such as funky prints, checks and plaids.Cotton tote bags are light in weight when compared to other materials and is widely used for everyday needs. Cotton tote bags replaces polythene bags and covers due to its strong and reusablility to carry grocery things. Other than this, prints on cotton totes (katoenen tas bedrukken) are admirable and is made effortlessly compared to others.

Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Jute tote bags are produced from Jute, a long vegetable fiber, which is eco-friendly is a new and elegant trend. These tote bags usually have a zip or magnetic snaps for securing the items in bags. Apart from fashion sense, it is also used for carrying household items. Beach tote bags are produced from heat resistance material such as nylon, polyester, plastic straws and so on to resist heat, water and sand at beach. Beach totes are large enough to carry numerous things such as sunscreen creams, clothes, shades, and many more.