Maintaining domain names with Registro de dominios

Several computer networks have been established which connect different computers all over the world today and different companies and other individuals have benefitted from these networks. They facilitate data transfer and build connectivity. Each computer or other application used will contain an IP address, which is the internet protocol address and a domain name, which is present in the Registro de dominios. Any device and application can be identified with the help of the domain name and the Internet protocol address.

What are the different parts of a domain name?

Each domain has to follow a particular syntax. A syntax is defined as the particular way in which a certain name or other related phrases and statements are expected to be written. The different parts of a domain name are as follows:

  • The rightmost part of the name is the main domain, to which the entire website or application is said to belong. For instance, most of the websites are said to belong to the com domain, with the domain name as
  • The hierarchy of the different parts of the domain name is from the right most part to the left most part. The right most part is known as the category to which, the immediate left part belongs as a sub category.
  • Host names are also present which have at least one or more links with an internet protocol address.
  • Host names too have a particular syntax to follow just like the domain name. There are a few limitations set on the character set.

The company has to pay a particular annual fee in order to maintain the domain name in the Registro de dominios. Failure in the timely payment of the so called rent or fee can result in cancellation of the domain name from the registro de dominios or the domain register. The domain name is like the foundation or base on which the entire website or software is built. The domain name becomes very popular if a particular website or software fares well, just how the construction company gains a good reputation and name in the market if a particular project gains an exceptional response.

The domain name is usually given by a domain name system or a DNS. In certain cases, some companies buy the domain name of other networks, which have already gained a good name in the market in order to take advantage of the popularity. These domain names are bought via auctions, where the domain name is sold to the company that offers the largest bid.

During the process of formation and assignment of the domain name, different administrative contacts, technical contacts, billing contacts and naming servers are used. A few fictitious domain names are also available nowadays which are used mainly for works of fiction.