SU 101: Your Best Tank Buddy For Ragged Wargaming

The world of tanks is making constant updates of each vehicle for better wargaming. This means that you could grab your favorite¬†su 101 in WoT with advanced armor. This tank is actually the player’s situational vehicle. It could bring you in fights when needed and stay back when you are not. This tank comes with great DPM with tier 10 gun that reloads faster. Its armor and all other equipment give you the ability to get back on fights quickly. The mobility it provides is pretty amazing with a crazy traverse speed. You could even flank it or play like an E-25. This tank has the trolling armor that would keep you hit the right spot or you bounce. Its front plate comes with a strong gun mantlet but, with softer sides. If you are on the hype of equipping this tank on your next fights, here’s what you need to know.

The Best Tank For Yout-10 in WoT

SU 101 is one of the best tanks that is fun to play but, would need some time to learn it. If you have been playing this tank, then you know how great it is on the war zones. It proves so many excellencies from the speed to its mobility. This tank is actually the best of its class tier nine with a speed of 54 km/h. If you are in a ragged battlefield, this one has an excellent camouflage that could cover you up. When it comes to penetration, it performs better with alpha damage for the 122 mm M-62. The overall superstructure is well-angled with a decent thickness and a strong gun mantlet. See its entire performance range:

  • Armor: SU-101 performs best as a second line assault tank. Armor could boot and has 1,100 HP.
  • Gun Range: 122 mm with M-62 powerful gun. Its Tier 8 could boost good shell damage, acceptable accuracy, and excellent penetration.
  • Damage: Competitive tank destroyer with over the 100 mm D-54S. It could restore at gun tier 8 without resorting to premium ammunition.
  • Penetration: Improves penetration with 258 mm on the M-62. It has a respectable 440 damage-per-shot and remains a relevant threat even in tier 10 games.

If you are planning to equip SU-101 in your next fights, this tank still maintains its superb mobility. This tank is also an excellent flanker or support vehicle for groups of medium tanks.

Driving Tip

To the best drive of this tank, you need to always find a bush, you could be everyone’s target once you get spotted. So, you better drive safe or try to go 15-20 m behind a bush. This move would definitely help your camo a lot when facing the enemy. If you happen to get left behind with your team, no worries, this tank has the mobility to change your position fast. Thus, you could have this tank for support roles or you should stay behind or with some of your teammates. Though this tank is fast and mobile, you should never spearhead it. With its terrible gun arc, snipping with this tank might be hard. So, better cover the awful gun depression, reverse drive or find a slope behind you. In short, change position more often, always find a cover and stay away from the front line.