Tips to develop a video marketing strategy

The main objective of video marketing is to create a video which would promote your company, raise awareness regarding your products and services, drive sales and also engage the customers. But this is not it. There are more important things than that. You need to create a proper video marketing strategy and you have to monitor the various metrics as well as track the engagement of the customers. In order to develop a video marketing strategy for your company, you will need to take care of certain things. Some of them are

Allocate resources

Before you make any video, you will need to set a budget for it. There are a lot of equipment, instruments and a team whom you will need to pay for making the video marketing strategy. You will also require to designate a time wonder which they should create the video.

Tell your stories

An important aspect of videos is the ability to tell stories. Storytelling is very important,especially for product videos or service videos. You need to think about the stories, which you would want to tell the world, and the ways in which you would tell them.


Telling stories isn’t the only thing. You need to make your videos engaging as well. Your video must be able to engage the audience through the entire video. You need to think about interesting stores and the things which would interest your audience.

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Keep it short

There is no hard and fast rule for the length of the marketing videos. Though it is recommended to keep the videos within a couple of minutes. In other words, the shorter, the better. You should be precise with your cutting. If you find anything is extraneous, you should cut it out. The attention span of humans is very short and you need to make the best use of this attention short span by making your video interesting with the first few seconds.


After your video is ready, upload them on the website, search engines, social media and all place which you could upload them. Share them through the social media channels as their reach is very wide.


You should keep a track of the statistics about the types of videos which perform better than the other and attracts the maximum number of viewers. You should try to find out the reason as well.


If you could add all these in your video marketing strategy, then your video is going to be spread everywhere among the people and you would have more customers towards your company.